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Part of The Ratiodata Group, Accesa is a leading technology company headquartered in Cluj-Napoca, with offices in Zurich, Oradea and Munich. Over the past 16 years, the company has been establishing itself as an employer of choice for IT professionals who are passionate about problem-solving through technology and want to have a measurable impact through their work.

As a people-oriented company, Accesa offers the freedom and support for its colleagues to grow – personally and professionally. Its flatter organisational structure, horizontal management and cell-based organisation make a difference in the way of work.

At the heart of Accesa's organisational structure are the competence centers, representing communities of specialists to which any employee can adhere. The competence centers provide a network-like work environment that allows people to collaborate, develop functional expertise in order to create valuable solutions and become true specialists.

A trusted partner for major brands in Retail, Consumer Goods, Manufacturing, and Automotive, Accesa helps businesses embrace flexibility, adaptability and evolution within their digital journey, through a large spectrum of tailored IT services, leveraging mainstream, niche, as well as legacy technologies.

With more than 700 IT professionals in its 20+ competence centres, Accesa is building a distinctive people-first culture that enables their people to thrive, their clients’ business to evolve and end users to succeed.

Website: https://www.accesa.eu/careers/743999738152396