Bosch Cluj Factory – Mobility solutions
Since 2013 we produce electronic control units for car driving assistance, safety and comfort in traffic, but also for eBike propulsion systems. We identify with the latest technology, the sustainable development of materials, quality, performance and reliability. Our innovations add value, therefore “Technique for a life”.
In all that we do we assume the social responsibility for the protection of the environment. The values, culture of the organization and the concept of IWC (Inspiring Working Conditions) support the well-being of our employees. From 2017 we have a Training Center, used for the personal and professional development of Bosch associates, but also for training students within the dual education system.
We start young people’s careers through various learning programs such as:
• Start project – practice for training the real professional experience;
• Working Student – flexible work program for students;
• JMP (Junior Managers Program) – rotational program for graduates exploring various departments, positions and locations;
• Bosch Summer Job – program for young people during the summer.
The mission of the Bosch factory is to improve the quality of life of people through high quality products, learning programs for young people, CSR actions and values ​​on which we build long-term relationships.

  • UTCN
    The Faculty of Automotive Engineering and Transports
    Mechatronics and Mechanics
    The Faculty of Machine Construction
    Faculty of Electrical Engineering
  • UBB
    Faculty of Computer Science
    Faculty of Business
    Faculty of Chemistry
  • The possibility of being hired on a full-time program (8h).
  • Knowledge of English at a conversational level.
  •  Knowledge of the Microsoft Office package
  •  Ability to communicate and collaborate with colleagues from different departments.
  • Affinity for technology or the desire to grow into a multinational company