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We consider ourselves craftsmen of our respective trade and take pride in striving to achieve the best in our work, while also having fun and enjoying the ride. Our mission is to perfect our craft continuously and to create the best mobile gaming experiences, appreciated by fans in all corners of the world. Our catalogue spans every genre and our games are as varied as we are.

Wanted specializations:

  • Programmers (C++, C#) 
  • Developers
  • Server/Online Developers
  • Game Designers
  • Artists (VFX, 2D, 3D)
  • Game Economy
  • Game Producers
  • Community Managers
  • Marketing
  • LiveOps
  • Product Managers

Target faculties:

  • Art & Design Universities
  • Technical Universities
  • Economic & Business
  • Marketing
  • Public Relations & Communication

Available Jobs

  • Game Designer
  • Live Ops Specialist
  • Game Economy Designer
  • Sr C++ Game Programmer
  • C++ Game Programmer
  • Product Manager
  • Game Server Developer C++/C#

Hiring criteria:

  • Passion for games and the games industry, 
  • Creativity 
  • Curiosity 
  • Hard skills 
  • Soft skills 
  • Initiative

Contact HR:

Saplacan Adriana, 0364 228 004, clj-hr@gameloft.com

Website(Cluj & Bucuresti): https://careers.smartrecruiters.com/Gameloft