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We are a team of innovators with a proven passion for the digital transformation of logistics. Our solution will improve the life quality of millions and will reduce the carbon footprint of deliveries.

We looked into the logistics of multiple business sectors, we understood their technology challenges, and we are currently working to build the software that optimizes everything.

To build the software backbone of Logistics, we are developing a team of well educated and intellectually motivated professionals.

Therefore, we are searching for people with strong quantitative skills and passionate for efficiency.

Joining us, you will be part of our team of innovators committed to changing the world.

Available positions

  •  Software Engineers
  •  Product Managers 
  •  QA Engineers

Hiring criteria

  • Good quantitative and analythical skills;
  • Good programming skill for engineers 


Contact HR  jobs@rapidonkey.io

Website: https://rapidonkey.io/